Coal County Sheriffs Office investigating after state audit shows missing equipment

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COAL COUNTY, OK -- The Coal County Sheriffs Office is opening an investigation after a recent state audit showed several items from the Sheriff's Office went missing during the previous administration.

The Coal County Sheriff Turnover Report shows the Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector's office was unable to locate 11 items.

"Right now were having to come back and clean up a mess that the former administration left behind", Sheriff Jump said.

On the list two shotguns, two G-P-S devices, two radios, apair of night vision optics, a dell computer and two pieces of body armor.

"Possibly a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment," Sheriff Jump said.

After a day into the investigation current Sheriff Bryan Jump says they have found what happened to a couple of the items.

"We found out where the laptop, computer has been trashed and the wildlife department has the night opts," Sheriff Jump said.

Former Sheriff Roy Deck, who did not want to speak on camera, did tell us his inventory officer claimed his computer crashed and lost information. Deck says his inventory officer was John Rick Flournoy, who was recently charged in an embezzlement investigation. Deck says he believes some items may have been stolen by employees, but he did not even know about most of the missing equipment until the audit came out.

"You know its county property so you got to keep a paper trail you have to declare this stuff surplus," Sheriff Jump said.

"The main problem is accountability and in a position like the police and sheriff those guys really have to keep everything right," Scott Wright said.

Coal County resident Scott Wright says he was shocked to learn guns disappeared from the sheriff's office, but he is glad the current administration is working to fix the problem and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Sheriff Jump says all the missing items have been recorded and entered into the National Crime Information Center.

"Give them 100 percent everyday to try to make this, give the taxpayers what they wanted so we're trying hard," Sheriff Jump said.

"Let's let the system work and the auditors go through and if there is something criminal or liable then the appropriate steps need to be taken," Wright said.

The audit also shows, that under Deck, the office exceeded their allotted expenditures by nearly $30,000 dollars.

Deck says he is the one who called for this audit.

Current Sheriff Bryan Jump says he plans to ask the OSBI to help with the investigation.

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