Coalgate Public Schools hoping school bond passes

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COALGATE, OK -- Coalgate Public Schools is hoping to pass a 17 million 280 thousand dollar school bond this year.

Superintendent Jim Girten says the bond would give the school about $12.5 million dollars to build with.

He says the funds would go toward building a new track and ag barn.

Girten says the money would also be used to build a new cafeteria and event center, which would also be used as safe rooms that would house about 2100 people.

He says the new additions would not only serve the kids but the whole community.

Coalgate Public School Superintendent Jim Girten said, "The safety of our kids is our number one priority, but the community and county really doesn't have any facilities that are set up for that type of an emergency,"

Residents can cast their ballot on March 4th.