Cockfighting ring busted in Fannin County

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HONEY GROVE, TX -- A cockfighting ring in Fannin County is broken up this weekend. Nicolette Schleisman was in Honey Grove Wednesday to find out more.

The Fannin County Sheriff's Office tells us they cannot release a lot of details right now, the case is still under investigation. But they did tell me they had a tip that led them to bust the cockfighting ring, Saturday.

"we had been watching this particular area because we had information that cockfighting may be going on there from time to time. We've found feathers and carcasses in the past at that location," said Fannin County Sheriff, Donnie Foster.

A dozen people were arrested just south of Honey Grove on County Road 3445 Saturday for participating in a cockfighting ring.

"We were able to find several individuals there, several of them were running when we got there. We did arrest I believe 12 people and on various charges," said Sheriff Foster.

Those charges ranged from misdemeanor, to state felony charges. The sheriff's office says they found 15 live birds and 7 that had been killed.

Kassidy Holmes' dad has a ranch near County Road 3445, she says she had not heard about the cockfighting ring at all, but she's concerned.

"It's kind of shocking you know since he lives close to there, it just makes you wonder what else happens whenever you're not around. So it's just one of those things that you don't know what happens until it happens. And then you don't know what to do after that," said Holmes.

Emery Banker says he is also concerned, but is not surprised.

"For years and years before it was made illegal.. There was lots of cockfighting around here. It's illegal and inhumane. And that disturbs me tremendously," said Banker.

Sheriff Foster says he is not sure how often this goes on in their county, but they are looking out for any suspicious behavior.

"We continue to keep an ear out for things like that. This is the first one we've caught to my knowledge in many years now. And I'm hoping that there's not more and that this puts the word out to people that if you do it here, we'll do the best to stop it and put you in jail," said Sheriff Foster.

Sheriff Donnie Foster says if you suspect any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, to contact the Fannin County Sheriff's Office immediately.

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