Colbert officials issue statement on water problems

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COLBERT, OK -- The town of Colbert, Oklahoma is experiencing a water supply problem. Problems with the water supply system began Friday night, early Saturday morning. While repairs are being made the town water supply has not been able to keep up with the demand over the weekend.

Currently the Colbert Water District is requesting all users of water use only what is necessary and conserve water as much as possible. This includes not watering yards or gardens or washing cars. Wait to wash clothes until the situation is resolved. Use as little water as possible for cooking, cleaning dishes and personal hygiene.

The Colbert Police Department will not issue a burn permit until the water situation is resolved and the water supply has been fully replenished.

The Colbert Fire Department and Police Department are requesting all customers of Colbert Water District not conduct any burning as the current water situation will severely hamper fire operations.

The water district is doing everything possible to remedy the situation and if the citizens will assist by conserving water as much as possible, this situation will be resolved much faster.