Collinsville couple loses home to fire

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COLLINSVILLE, TX -- A Collinsville home went up in flames Friday afternoon. Firefighters say the home is a total loss. The couple who has lived there for about 18 years says they are devastated to lose all their belongings, but say they are glad they still have each other.

"My citizenship, everything, I have to replace somehow because I don't (have anything) now," Heidi said.

Just three days into the new year, Heidi Dolezelek, a native of Germany, and her husband are left without a home.

"What I got is what I got on," Heidi cried.

Firefighters say the home on Jenkins Road caught fire around 1:30 Friday afternoon. Heidi says she was shopping in Sherman when the fire started, but her husband James was home.

"The TV went off and I looked outside and I (saw) smoke," James said. "So I (ran) to the front door, looked out on the front porch and sure enough it was on fire."

James says he tried to extinguish the flames himself with a water hose, but said the fire was too big for him to contain. Heidi says she rushed home when a family friend called and told her, her home was on fire.

"It's all gone, but my husband was okay. That's my main concern, make sure my Dosey's okay. That's what I call him," Heidi said.

Collinsville Firefighter Michael Hernandez says when his crew arrived on scene the home was fully engulfed. Hernandez says the wind and the home's location hindered firefighters efforts to save the home.

"Being out in the county we don't have a strong water supply. So we just have to fight with what we had until we got water established," Hernandez said.

Fire Marshal Kevin Walton says it appears the fire was sparked by a heated dog blanket. Several surrounding volunteer fire departments helped stop the blaze from spreading further.

"I'm proud of everyone that was here and everyone that helped out," Hernandez said.

Heidi says seeing her home burned to the ground breaks her heart, but she's thankful to still have her husband and dog by her side.

"I feel relieved, but also pain cause a lot of memories," Heidi said. "Now I leave it all in God's hands. That's all I can say now."

The couple says their home is not insured. If you would like to help the family a fund as been set up at the American Bank of Texas. You can make donations, at any branch, under the name James and Heidi Dolezelek.