Comedian Will Ferrell Super Bowl commercial airs in Texoma

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- If you're familiar with the online video sensation Funny or Die, that's who's behind this year's Old Milwaukee beer commercial featuring Will Ferrell.

It aired right after the third quarter of the game -- only Texomans got to watch it live.

We headed out to a local restaurant to see how people reacted to the commercial.

Will Ferrell's Super Bowl commercial -- airing only in two small markets, one being Texoma -- has people laughing and talking.

"Oh yeah, yeah, Will Ferrell gets all the chicks man," Joe Mercer said.

For the second Super Bowl in a row, Ferrell teamed up with online video sensation Funny or Die to produce a commercial for his favorite beer -- Old Milwaukee.

They pick one TV market where the commercial will air. Last year it was in Nebraska, this year, Texoma.

"I thought it was great and memorable so it did the trick," Tracy Weeks said.

"I thought it was pretty funny. It kinda made you think about Old Milwaukee. How great tasting it really is," Ricky Mercer said.

Pabst Brewing Company -- who brews Old Milwaukee -- released this statement, "We're lucky to have Will Ferrell as a fan of the brand. The humorous, localized TV spots he creates truly exemplify what Old Milwaukee is all about."

"Yeah it's cool for Texoma. Will Ferrell gets around. Yeah, he's everywhere," Joe Mercer said.

We spoke with a rep from Funny or Die earlier today. She told us Ferrell is just a big fan of the beer and has fun shooting these commercials.

She says it's not necessarily Ferrell himself who decides where these ads will air, but this year, they felt like bringing their message to Texoma was a good idea.

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