Commissioners approve funds for NTRA projects

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DENISON,TX---Grayson County commissioners approved funds that will help with recent problems at the North Texas Regional airport.

"I've been here 14 years, and our whole goal is economic development; bring jobs to Grayson County." Mike Shahan said.

Recent problems with erosion and wild animals tearing up property at the North Texas Regional Airport in Denison led airport officials to call a meeting with TXDOT officials last Thursday.

Tuesday they brought possible solutions to the county commissioners.

"It's certainly something that we've been behind for the last seven years, we've spent a lot of time, energy, effort and money into the development of our airport." said Judge Drue Bynum

Commissioners approved the projects with a vote of 4 to 1.

"It's something the commissioners court has supported in the past and will continue to support." said Bynum.

"This is where the wild hogs and coyotes and so forth are getting into the airport property." said Mike Shahan.

Airport director Mike Shahan says the first thing they plan to do is keep those animals out.

"It's over a mile of fencing that will need to be put in place." said Shahan.

He says his crew sees at least one coyote on the runways almost every day but there are other threats too.

"Erosion, we've having erosion problems, you have to maintain it." said Shahan.

The dirt and grass near the runways has started eroding, something Shahan says could be dangerous.

"It's very important that we get this fixed and monitor it, so we don't have any future problems with the pavement." said Shahan.

Shahan says TxDOT will foot the bill for about 90 percent of the project cost. Grayson County will pay the remaining 10.

He says now that commissioners have given him the green light for these projects, he hopes it'll help business jobs and revenue...take off.

"By this summer hopefully it'll be fixed and we won't have to worry about it for years and years to come." said Shahan.

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