Community meeting held to discuss Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer concerns

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ARDMORE, OK -- Concerns about the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer and its use took center stage Friday at a meeting in Ardmore.

The Arbuckle Simpson Maximum Annual Yield went into effect in June, and regulates how much water can be taken out of the Aquifer.

Landowners say they approve of the new Maximum Annual Yield, but the Farm Bureau opposes it, and has filed a lawsuit to block it's implementation.

If the Farm Bureau is successful, citizens say it could jeopardize the survival of south central Oklahoma's main water source.

Senator Simpson says he's pleased with the community's input and interest.

"I am impressed by the turnout. We had probably 300 people here, maybe more," Simpson said. "I was very impressed and that just really points out the magnitude of our concern for Arbuckle Simpson."

If you have questions about the Aquifer's use, you're encouraged to contact the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

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