Community members raise money for Ardmore stabbing victim

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ARDMORE, OK - "I've known Yoshi for several years now," said Desiree McGarity. "He's big into karaoke in several places I used to go."

McGarity couldn't believe it when she heard her friend Yoshi Hirashawa was stabbed seven times on Friday. And she noticed that she wasn't the only one online who wanted to help the local karaoke legend.

"We started throwing around ideas, several people on Facebook, about setting up a page for Yoshi," she said.

The page was created Monday--just three days after Hirashawa was stabbed. It now has 168 members who are brainstorming ways to give their support.

One of those ideas is jars placed in area businesses asking people to support Hirashawa with a donation. Shanna Preston of Rockford C Mart--where Hirashawa works--said shoppers have been showing their support all week.

"Customers not even buying, just coming in and putting it in the jar and asking about him," said Preston.

Preston said at the end of each day three people count the money and sign off on the total, which is taken to Bank of the West. Tuesday, Rockford C Mart opened an account where people can donate directly to Hirashawa without any doubt about where the money is going.

"Nobody can take anything out except for Yoshi so if anybody wants to donate that's a place to go," added Preston.

McGarity plans on putting one of those jars on the counter of her business, Going Postal. She hopes it sends a message to Hirashawa.

"Get well Yoshi, and we're pulling for you," said McGarity.