Community remembers father and son

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HONEY GROVE, TX -- Hundreds of people gathered tonight to remember the lives of a little boy and his father who died in a car accident Wednesday.

The Honey Grove community is just torn up about their loss. Tonight they had a special candlelight vigil at the football field to share stories and honor 41-year-old Kenneth Aldridge and his 7-year-old son Micah.

The two died Wednesday after their truck collided head on with another. Four people were taken to the hospital including wife Karen and older brother Adam. Those two were released from the hospital today.

Community members said Kenny and Micah will be greatly missed, and this was a way for the community to cope with their loss.

Micah Aldridge was a member of the local boy scout troop. His boy scout friends helped set up tonight's vigil and raised the flag in the Aldridges' honor.

Friends said Kenny was a great father, fun and always telling jokes and making people laugh. They said Micah was just like his dad.

Balloons were released and candles were lit to honor the two who the community said will be greatly missed.

"He'd be amazed. He really would. Knowing what he knows now, he would really be amazed. He'll be missed sorely. Him and Micah both," pastor Terry Cunningham said.

"They are so special to this community. It's just going to be a really hard thing for this community to heal from because they embodied this whole town, this school, the other activities that we had. They were just part of it," family friend Monica McMurrey said.

Another little boy was injured in the accident. At last check, he and another man are still in the hospital. Their names haven't been released.

34-year-old John Paul Minnick of Bonham was also killed in the accident.