Community theatre hosts workshop for aspiring filmmakers

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PARIS, TX -- For the first time aspiring young filmmakers in Paris now have a class to help hone their storytelling skills.

This week the Paris Community Theatre is hosting its first film-making class taught by local North Lamar teacher, Cody Head and one of the top young filmmakers in the state - North Lamar alum, Chase Ramsey.

"I'm just hoping that they will learn the basics of filmmaking, just enough to make them interested and to get them involved," said Ramsey.

The week long program teaches students to use a camera, create a storyboard and act in their own film. Some students have already spent time behind the camera, while others say they're ready for their close-up.

"If I want to be a movie star one day I need to learn how to act on film with the camera in front of me," said film-making student Ella.

"I've done little videos with action figures, but this is the first time I can make a real movie," said film-making student Davis.

After pitching their short film ideas Tuesday, it's lights, camera, action. Their final projects will be shown during the last Movies in the Park on August 7th.

Ramsey says he hopes to expand the class further next year by extending it to two weeks and bringing in more equipment.