Compressed natural gas versus Propane use in Oklahoma

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BRYAN COUNTY,OK---The state of Oklahoma is pushing to bring natural gas stations to Bryan County, but some local propane dealers say they're not on board with the idea.

"It won't put us out of business, but it won't help our business either." said Roger Luke.

Local propane dealers aren't gassed over the state's campaign to install natural gas fueling stations throughout bryan county.

Roger Luke has owned Luke's Brothers for years and says a shift to natural gas would definitely cut into his profits.

"It hits you in the heart, when that's your livelihood, your family livelihood." said Luke.

"So the idea is to get a filling station in this area." said Michael Teague.

Secretary of environment and energy for the state Michael Teague met with other officials in Durant Friday, to discuss the proposed stations.

He says they would provide fuel to both state and residential vehicles and they'd give the economy a boost.

"They just save so much money that they can roll back into other projects if it's at the municipal level." said Teague.

But Paula Moore disagrees.

"The infrastructure for fueling is already here, and CNG is not." said Moore.

Moore owns Blackburn Propane in Bryan County. Her father started the business more than 50 years ago. She says bringing cng stations to the county will take money from longtime, local companies like hers.

"We don't want our state to be supporting one fuel at the exclusion of another." said Moore.

Moore says each cng station could cost over a million dollars to install versus around 30,000 to build a propane station.

"30,000 versus a million, big difference." said Moore.

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