Concealed Handgun License law changes

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Texas residents now have to do less to get their Concealed Handgun License. Kristen Shanahan spoke with two CHL instructors Tuesday who explain some of the new laws that took effect on September 1st.

Class time has cut down for those who want to get their Concealed Handgun License in Texas.

"It went from minimum ten to maximum 15 hours, to minimum four to maximum six hours," Bob Douglas said.

CHL Instructor Bob Douglas says he likes the change to the law.

"A lot of people were really getting tired of sitting ten hours. It's a long time and those chairs get awful hard, you know in ten hours, but you do have plenty of time to get the information across," Douglas said.

Dr. Jennifer Laing, who has her CHL, agrees.

"With the ten hour one a lot of it's stuff you're not going to remember in the heat of the moment," Dr. Laing said.

Others think those who want to carry need much more than just four hours in the classroom.

"That's quite ridiculous, that's dropping by 60 percent," Clayton Katz said. "Probably 12 would be a little more acceptable, half a days worth of training."

Howe Police Chief Carl Hudman, a CHL instructor, says people still have to pass a written test and prove they understand the basics of shooting before they can obtain their license.

"A CHL licensing class is not designed to teach citizens how to shoot. It's to teach them the laws, conflict resolution, and the other required topics that DPS has set out," Hudman said.

He adds that students should seek additional training after they are able to carry.

Those who have their CHL can now renew their license online, and license holders can now store a handgun in their vehicle on public college campuses.

For a more detailed list of law changes visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website at the link below.