Congressman Mullin holds Atoka town hall on Keystone Pipeline

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ATOKA, OK -- US Congressman Markwayne Mullin visited the Atoka site of the Keystone Pipeline Thursday to show his support and update the local community on the status of the project.

Construction started in January on the Atoka portion. And it's already making an impact, Mullin said.

"Just that extension is pumping $2 million dollars a month into our economy," he said.

That's why he's supporting the project in Washington, he said.

"We want to come out here and let [Washington] know this is a direct impact to one of the poorest districts in the country," Mullin said.

Jewel Darst, Atoka Chamber of Commerce secretary, said the city is seeing constant growth.

"We filled up all of our apartments and RV parks, and they're building more," she said."Every day I have someone wanting to move to Atoka and that's really exciting."

A recent report from the State Department said the pipeline "should pose no major risks" to the environment if developer TransCanada follows all laws.

The US Senate passed a measure approving the pipeline last week.
Mullin said President Barack Obama is the final hold-out.

"For some reason he's dragging his feet. The environmental issues have been addressed. Everybody's supporting it. The senate's supporting it now. By overwhelming majority the house is supporting it," Mullin said. "And yet the White House still isn't."

And all Oklahoma delegates in Washington support the Pipeline.

"In Oklahoma we have common sense. We understand the impact that it has," Mullin said.

Project officials said they expect to have construction complete on this part of the pipeline by the end of the summer.

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