Congressman Ralph Hall to have office in Grayson Co. courthouse

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Congressman Ralph Hall will soon have an office in the Grayson County courthouse.

Congressman Hall currently has an office in Sherman's federal courthouse, but sequestration budget cuts are causing that office, as well as several other of Hall's offices in the area, to close.

County Judge Drue Bynum got a call from the congressman a few weeks ago, asking if the county could find some room for Hall to maintain an office in Sherman.

This morning, commissioners approved allowing Hall to office out of the courthouse.

"Tongue and cheek said all he needed was a broom closet, but we were able to find him some space on the second floor that I think will be advantageous to the folks of Grayson County and surrounding counties that service his district," Judge Bynum said.

No word yet on when the office will be officially set up for Congressman Hall.