Construction and infrastructure entices restaurants to come to Durant

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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- Oklahoma Department of Transportation is building an exit ramp at University Boulevard off Highway 75 southbound.

"I think it's an access issue that the city is interested in and believes it'll help with development for their community," Brent Frank with ODOT said.

Construction signs go up Tuesday. Work will continue for the next 140 days.

"Anytime you have any changes like this, there's going to be some construction delays and changes like that," Jeffery Hammock said.

Hammock is President of Vision Bank that sits just east of this exit ramp.

He says while the construction will be bothersome, the end result is enhanced infrastructure and more economic growth for Durant.

"There's been discussion about more development once this off-ramp comes into play, once it's open, that there may be more development coming into town," Hammock said.

That's likely what'll happen once construction is complete.

The owner of this land tells News 12 exclusively that he plans to develop it, building eight to nine restaurants, adding to Durant's economic growth.

In a phone conversation with local businessman Allen Wheeler, he wouldn't reveal which restaurants he's bringing to town, but did say they'll be able to begin construction once this exit ramp project is finished.

"I think that's very exciting," Lauren Miller said.

Miller is a hair stylist at Trends, right off the University Boulevard exit.

"Durant's been growing a lot over the years and to have more restaurants here would be great," Miller said.

To business people like Hammock and Miller, more restaurants means more potential customers in their area, and for that they'll put up with the construction.

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