Construction on Sherman Boys and Girls Club gym almost complete

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SHERMAN, TX -- Back in December, the Sherman Boys and Girls Club was forced to relocate after the ice storm caused the roof of their gym to collapse.
Now, construction on a new gym is halfway complete.

The Sherman Boys and Girls Club Director says crews have been hard at work all summer working to get the gym finished before school starts back up.

He says the both the kids and the staff are excited to get into the new building.

Sherman Boys and Girls Club Director, Mike Delong, says summer has been busier than ever...despite some minor setbacks.

Back in December, an ice storm caused their gym roof to collapse and forced them to relocate to a temporary location.

Now six months later, Delong says progress on the gym is looking good.

"Masoners are nearly done," Delong said. "We're framing out some areas in the gym, we picked out our painting. We picked out the bleachers and those are now ordered. We're working on our gym floor system we're gonna go with."

Delong says the Boys and Girls Club has continued their programs at the Fairview Baptist Church Christian Families Activities Center but while they were gone from their property, thieves took advantage of the empty building, stealing thousands of dollars of metal and other items.

However, thanks to generous donations from community members, their new gym will have some upgrades.

"The new lighting we're gonna have in the gym is made possible by a couple of donors," Delong said. "We're gonna upgrade the heating in the gymnasium and in addition to that we're gonna replace the VCT flooring inside the club facility."

Delong says they also worked with contractors to make sure their roof will be stronger than ever.

Some kids at the Boys and Girls club say they are happy they have a gym to play at in the meantime.

"I like to play basketball so I'm thankful that the church let us come here and play and stay here," said Justin Peterson.

They are also excited that their new gym is almost complete.

"I'm really excited," said Kinsee Burkett. "They told us we're gonna new roof and new tiles so it'll be really fun."

Delong says they construction should be complete in the next month and they hope to be back in their facility by early August.

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