Consultants unveil plan for Oklahoma uninsured

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Consultants say Oklahoma should overhaul and expand its Insure Oklahoma program and continue to seek a waiver from the federal government to keep it running in order to expand health insurance coverage to more than 200,000 uninsured residents.

A consulting firm paid $500,000 to help Oklahoma answer the question of how to expand health insurance coverage unveiled its recommendation on Thursday. The report from Utah-based Leavitt Partners was presented to the governing board of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, the state agency that oversees the federal Medicaid program in Oklahoma.

Insure Oklahoma uses Medicaid and Oklahoma tobacco tax money to help about 30,000 people buy private insurance.

Gov. Mary Fallin rejected $3.6 billion over seven years in new federal money to expand the state's Medicaid system last year.

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