Controlled burn ignites grass fire

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HOWE, TX -- Up to 15 acres are scorched after a controlled burn got out of hand in Howe Saturday.

Howe firefighters say the fire ignited in a field off Pitchfork Road. Firefighters say several homes were near the flames, but the fire was put under control before they were threatened.

Firefighters say Grayson County is still under a burn ban and that outside burning is a violation.

Howe, Tom Bean and Sherman fire crews all responded, and several residents helped out.

"It was quickly controlled. It took about probably15 20 minutes. We had help with some of the local residents. We had one of the neighbors that actually lives across the street had his plow, came over here and plowed us up a good break. And then the owners or the residents had some water tanks, they were also helping participate," Howe Fire Chief Robert Maniet said.

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