Controversy stirs over proposed $3.6 million Tishomingo fire station

TISHOMINGO, OK-- The tension escalated at Monday's Tishomingo City Council meeting when the topic of the new $3.6 million dollar fire station came up.

"In a perfect world it would already be done," Tishomingo Fire Captain Danny Walker said, "we have trucks out in the weather right now and we have to get something done."

The land for the fire station was chosen years ago. The hold up now is money and how much this station is really worth.

"We have lots of challenges ahead of us on getting to a plan that's both affordable, attractive, buildable and usable," Mayor Tom Lokey said after the Monday city council meeting.

The current fire house is an old jailhouse that firefighters say leaks and molds and has only one small office. The department says they don't need a three million dollar fire department, just a facility that is more functional than the current building.

"Obvioulsy we don't need marble countertops and gold faucets," Walker remarks, "we're saying we need a fire station to put our equipment in. It has to meet minimum standards. It has to be a minimum size to put the equipment in that we have."

The Tishomingo fire department, which is made up of mostly volunteers, says they've worked extra hours to raise money for the new building. Now, they say, its the city's turn to pitch in.

"Part of the city council seems to be backing us quite a bit. There's a couple members I'm not fully confident are behind us but we're gonna work on that," said Walker.

The city and the fire department will meet again on August 18th in an attempt to come to a resolution