Convenience store robbery

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COLBERT, OK -- Colbert police are still looking for two men who robbed a convenience store Friday night. The suspects were caught on the store's surveillance cameras.

Friday evening at Frank's Corner Store two men walked in and stole a cash register, shocking employees.

"Well I was over there washing dishes and I saw a couple guys over by the register with Donny, and I thought they were just foolin around with him at first until I saw the guy started running around the corner. I run up by the counter and said 'hey what's going on?' he says 'get back' and points a gun at me," store employee Joseph Guyton said.

The two men were picked up on surveillance cameras in the parking lot before the robbery.

"They came multiple times. They probably scoped the business out twice that day, 30 minutes prior and then probably about another 30 minutes to an hour prior,"said Colbert police officer Justin Foster.

The first suspect is wearing a white baseball cap and sunglasses.
Officer Justin Foster with Colbert police says the first suspect is about 6'1".
The second puts on a white mask before heading into the store. Police say he's about 200 to 215 pounds and about 6'1".

The men left in a white Chevrolet pick up truck.

The clerk and employee knew the right thing to do was comply with the armed men.

"I just was cautious. I knew what to do. Get out the way, do what they say. You know."

If you have any information you're urged to call Colbert police at 580-296-2700.

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