Cooke Co. officials vote "no action" on proposal regarding immigrant children issue

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COOKE COUNTY, Texas -- The Cooke County Commissioner's Court met Monday at 10 a.m. for its regular meeting, during which officials took no action on a proposal regarding the recent surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the U.S. border.

Since October, tens of thousands of immigrant children have fled their home countries of Central America and come to the U.S.

Many say they're seeking refuge because their home countries are too violent and riddled with gang activity.

Some of the children have been sent back across the U.S. border, but for others, federal officials are looking to house them in America -- some in Texas.

Proposed places to house the children include school and county buildings.

About 2,000 children are expected to soon be housed in Dallas County if the county is able to meet certain funding requirements.

In a proactive measure, Cooke County Judge John Roane said he added a proposed resolution to the commissioner's meeting agenda that stated that Cooke County, if called upon by federal officials, will not be able to financially support housing immigrant children.

The county has not yet been asked to do such a thing, Roane said. And he isn't sure if it ever will be asked to help.

"If in fact, the requirement comes down to do such at least send the financing, send the funding that is required to do that," Roane said.

Roane tells News 12 the measure was not aimed at turning away the children, but rather making it clear that the finances of housing the children are too much for the county to handle.

In a 4-1 vote, the commissioners took "no action" on the proposal. The only person in favor was Judge John Roane.

Commissioner Gary Hollowell was the first to speak up about the proposal and motion to take no action. Hollowell said he read the proposal ahead of time and thinks its a premature topic to address.

Roane said he was surprised by the commissioners' decisions, citing that many residents approached him concerned about the topic.

News 12 will update this story Tuesday with more details.