Cooke Co. clarifies polling address confusion

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Cooke County voters should double check their polling places before heading out to vote. A few locations have discrepancies in the physical addresses.

Rebecca Lawson, Cooke County clerk, said the website lists the mailing address.

Callisburg voters didn't like how the Cooke County website listed the Callisburg Community Center.

"So when we put Gainesville, and put this address, they were all upset because it said Whitesboro," Lawson said.

It's one of three polling places where the mailing and physical addresses differ.

"So if you put this into your GPS, it will take you downtown Callisburg, on McDaniel Street," Lawson said.

Another discrepancy is the Mountain Springs Community Center. It lists the location as Valley View Texas.

"They are in Valley View School district," Lawson said. "If we were gonna mail them a card, it's not Mountain Springs, Tex. It's Valley View, Tex."

Mountain Springs won't register in a GPS, since it's technically in Valley View, Lawson said.

Vanessa Price, Callisburg city secretary, said local voters know where to go.

"It should not be a problem. The Community Club has been the polling location for many years," she said.

Most voters have lived in the area for years, Price said. And she expects it to be busy.

"Which will be another indication," she said. "They'll be a lot of cars. They have it posted off for the boundaries and so on."

Lawson doesn't anticipate problems.

"The people that live in the area, know where these polling locations are located," she said.

A GPS will take voters to the correct location, Lawson said.

But she said if voters are still confused, they can always call the county clerk's office.

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