Cooke Co. residents to vote on proposed $14.8 million NCTC bond

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- The Board of Regents at North Central Texas College is calling for a bond issue on November's ballot. If passed, it would provide an expansion to the Gainesville campus.

It's been two years since NCTC regents called for two bond elections for the Gainesville campus, and Cooke County residents voted the proposals down.

With a new year, and a new bond proposal for $14.8 million dollars, they are hoping a needed expansion will come soon.

Nursing instructor Julie Martin's classroom is home to life-like simulators for students to train on.

"It's like you're in a hospital. There's beeps and sounds, and there's codes," Martin said.

But currently, that simulator lies in the same building as history and political science classes, which need it to be quiet.

"So, really the two just don't go together," Martin said.

The health sciences program at NCTC in Gainesville is the largest vocational program at the college. Because it's so large, the classrooms are split up into three different buildings around campus.

"There's no place to put the students. We're completely maxed out," Martin said.

Under the proposed $14.8 million dollar bond, the program would get it's own, state-of-the-art, 45,000 square foot building.

"It will also allow us to have space to add a couple of new health science programs and to add additional students to the current programs," Dr. Eddie Hadlock said.

Some of those new programs would be ultrasound and respiratory care.

NCTC President Dr. Eddie Hadlock says the bond would also add a 10,000 square foot expansion to the growing Career and Technology Center and more parking space.

After two failed bond attempts back in 2011, that both exceeded $30 million.

"We've gone back to the drawing board and reduced that," Hadlock said.

If the proposed 25 year bond issue passes, the average home owner in Cooke County would see a monthly property tax increase of about $4 each month.

Cooke County voters will head to the polls in November. It would pass with a simple majority.

Hadlock says all Cooke County voters will soon receive informational items on the proposed bond.

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