Copper thefts increasing in Denison

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DENISON, TX---Some Denison homes and businesses have become a target for copper thieves.

It's a crime that cost one denison home owner almost two thousand dollars...copper theft.

"People need to remember that the theft of any copper material, of any amount is a felony charge, no matter how you get it." said Lt. Mike Eppler.

Denison police say the crime happened Tuesday morning in the 900 block of west ford street. Here's how they did it, the suspects kicked in the backdoor and stole a water heater.. Police say they have been after the heater for its copper, a theft they say they've seen a rise in.

"We have had an increase in it over the past few years, but sometimes we have more of it, sometimes less, a lot of it depends on the market, what they can get for the material." said Eppler.

The owner of the home declined to go on camera, but says two years ago copper throughout the house was stolen, and hopes those responsible are found.

"It's unreal." said Franks.

Charles Franks owns a local roofing company, he deals with houses on a daily basis. He says thieves will go through a lot to get a hold of the metal.

"Some guys will come in, tear out the walls, tear out flooring, anywhere they can find copper, they'll just cut it out." said Franks.

"We've even had people who will cut live electric lines to get the copper out of it, so it's a very dangerous thing to be doing." said Eppler.

Dangerous and costly, but according to Franks, not for the thieves.

"They won't hardly get anything for the copper they're selling, but for the homeowner to do the repairs, it's very costly." said Franks.

Repairs that now could take the homeowner longer to make by losing money and time.

In Denison, Ethan Hutchins, News 12.

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