Texoma man arrested for trying to use a counterfeit bill

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SHERMAN, TX - A man was arrested over the weekend for trying to use counterfeit money at a convenience store in Sherman. It's just a small portion of the tens of billions of dollars in fake bills passed around the U.S. every year.

When it comes to counterfeit money, the devil is in the details.

Authorities say there's always something different about a counterfeit bill, but depending on how much effort the printer put into it, counterfeit currency can be hard to recognize.

Printed by the U.S. Treasury Department last fall, the new $100 note has many security features to prevent counterfeiters from making fake money.

"It has a lot of neat qualities to it," said assistant VP of First Texoma National Bank Veronica Luna.

Luna says the new hundreds have a blue 3-D security ribbon, a color changing bell in an inkwell, two signatures, and even use a courser paper.

"The texture--the feels are so different," she says a counterfeit bill will be much smoother than a real one, and she hasn't seen any fake $100's since the new design circulated.

And because they're now harder to counterfeit, Luna says she sees mostly fake $20's.

Which is exactly what Sherman police say 22-year-old Corey Johnson tried to use Saturday at this convenience store on South Sam Rayburn Parkway. They arrested Johnson for forgery of a financial instrument, a 3rd degree felony.

"More people are apt to look at a $100 bill than they are a $20 bill," said Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton.

Sgt. Hampton and Luna both say the border ink of a counterfeit bill won't look as sharp as a real one, and there will be differences in color, watermarks, and texture.

"If you do go to an ATM, check your money there. If you do get change back, even yourself go ahead and check it then so you can bring attention to it right then," said Sgt. Hampton.

CBS reports $88.7 billion dollars of fake money was produced in the last U.S. fiscal year alone.

And about 60% of that counterfeit money produced last fiscal year was made on a basic inkjet or laser printer.

Sgt. Hampton says if you come in contact with counterfeit money, report it to the police immediately.

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