County focused on fixing worn down roads

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BRYAN COUNTY,OK -- Residents won't have to suffer much longer on county roads after road repairs wrap up with help from county commissioners.

"Boy if they have the funds it's always nice to have a new road," said resident Monty Wood.

Bryan County resident Monty Wood lives off Sawmill road in Armstrong.

When he steps outside his door, he hears the sounds of tractors fixing his roads.

"There's a lot of hard working people back and forth to work every day, and it's a well traveled road and takes a lot of abuse; so it definitely needs some work," said Wood.

Construction on Sawmill road is one of several road projects going on in Bryan County, at a cost of over $2 million.

Meanwhile, on Armstrong road...Tuesday, workers set down asphalt on the worn out surface.

"Your population is going to outweigh your infrastructure," said Jay Perry.

County Commissioner Jay Perry is spear-heading the road projects around District 3, with help from the state.

"Oklahoma is just now waking up to the fact that we've got to make infrastructure a priority," said Perry.

Perry says, in years past, he's tried to raise county dollars to help fund these projects. Now, he says the county has an 8-year plan in place to repair some of the worst roads.

"We prioritize our projects based upon the average daily traffic," said Perry.

The recent wave of projects will cost over $4 million, but the county has received multiple federal grants to offset those costs. Perry hopes they can receive more, so they can make more repairs.

"You just have that money coming available every so often, so you just got to get in line, and be there when it's available," said Perry.

Construction on Old Caddo Highway will start in August and work on Old Highway 70 is slated for 2017.

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