Couple turns brewing hobby into business venture

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SHERMAN, TX -- In just a few months, Sherman will be home to a brewery.

A local couple is turning their hobby into a business venture. For them, it's a labor of love and they'd like the 903 area code to be the next hot destination for beer lovers.

What started out as a visit to a brewery has turned into something much more. Four years ago, Jeremy Roberts found out you don't need huge machinery to brew some beer.

"I was like 'wait a minute, you can brew this stuff at home?' So immediately I left the brewery and went and bought all the home brew equipment I could, and started brewing it at the house," Jeremy Roberts said.

Pumpkin ale, whopper stout, Jeremy and his wife Natalie found themselves a hobby.

"Kegs everywhere, there's beer sitting fermenting all over the house. I don't have a laundry room to fold in anymore. So, it's kind of taken over," Natalie Roberts said.

So, 903 Brewers was born.

"We thought not only would it be cool to build a brewery in our home town, but also create jobs. Plus too, you know bring something new to Sherman something that's not here, something fresh," Jeremy said.

"Once we're done brewing, it'll actually go into our fermentation tanks," Jeremy said.

By Spring 2013 this building will be a full-fledged brewery with

"Just not your average beer"

The public will be able to come take a tour of the brewery and try all of the beer. The Roberts will use the taste testers' feedback when deciding which beer to put out on the market.

"So you know, what we're hoping to be is maybe the next Shiner. And make something you know, Sherman is proud of. 903 is such a huge area code, so we want something not only Sherman can be proud of but the whole 903," Jeremy said.

The Roberts want your feedback. Tomorrow from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. the public is invited to the brewery to taste some beer, free of charge. All you need is your id.

903 Brewers is located at 1720 South Elm Street in Sherman.

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