Fire damages Sherman apartment building

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SHERMAN, TX- People living in the Hunnington Apartments watched helplessly Tuesday afternoon as fire consumed their homes. Fire officials said they believe it started in a first floor apartment, but they're still investigating the cause.
Fire officials are still on scene, monitoring hot spots Tuesday night. Four apartment units were destroyed and a dozen others were damaged. The Red Cross is helping those who lost their homes. I spoke with one of the residents who had to grab her loved ones and run for safety.

Shelby Haughee was at home in her second floor apartment when the fire started in building 5 of the Hunnington Apartments Tuesday afternoon.

"There was a cigarette in the bucket outside on the balcony and it caught on fire somehow. I put it out because I thought it was just that and I still smelled smoke in the building and realized it gotten into the walls," she said.

Haughee knew she had to move fast.

"I just grabbed my baby and my dog and went outside. My neighbors downstairs called the fire department," she said.

"Sherman Fire Department received a phone call about an apartment with smoke coming from it and they responded to it. They got here and the apartment was in flames."

Sherman police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said police blocked the entrance to the complex as the fire grew and people evacuated.

"The fire spread from one floor to the next which makes it difficult. We have some pretty steady wind out here which I'm sure is causing some problems for them. They're doing their best that they can to get this thing put out," he said.

Haughee, along with dozens of other residents, could only watch as her home went up in flames.

"I was freaked out, I mean I can't believe we lost everything. We have like all of our baby's clothes, her diapers and she's only two months old. And I don't know, I don't have anything on. I don't have my wedding ring or anything," she said.

Hampton said one firefighter had to be taken to WNJ for minor, non-fire related, injuries. But no other injuries were reported.

"I think there were some people that were inside the apartment when it caught on fire. And so I believe they're out safe and like I said it's just a matter of putting out the flames and then going after that," he said.

"We're fine, I'm just glad we're all safe," said Haughee.

It took several departments about two hours to get the flames under control. Sherman's interim fire marshal and the Grayson county fire marshal will be back at the scene Wednesday to find out what may have started the fire.

We'll continue to follow this story.

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