Crews still cleaning up after weekend storm in Carter County

HEALDTON, OK-- Crews spent the day in Healdton cleaning up the aftermath of Saturday's storm that left two people hurt.

Carter County Emergency Management employees say, they don't believe a tornado touched down, and that it was most likely straight line winds. However, the extensive damage is a reminder that strong winds can be just as dangerous as a tornado.

It was a scary Saturday night for many Carter County residents.

"Heard a big pow that was a trampoline hitting the house," Herb Collier, said.

A strong storm that blew through the Healdton area left quite a mess, knocking over trees and storage trailers.

"I went to the front door and it was raining pretty hard. Tree limbs started coming down in the street. "

"District 1 barns did receive some damage to their tire building. It peeled the roof back and blew the garage door in," Paul Tucker, said.

Carter County emergency management says two people were injured when the winds over turned their home.

"Two were injured. They were from the Healdton area."

The National Weather Service in Norman says they believe the damage was caused by straight line winds that reached up to 80 miles per hour.

"Straight line winds can be just as destructive if not more destructive than a tornado," Tucker said.

Now crews are picking up what was left behind.

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