High numbers of crickets hopping around Texoma

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SHERMAN, TX-- Grayson County residents say crickets are everywhere.

"Man, they're all over the place! They're in all the buildings and all, they're everywhere," Eddie Strickland, says.

"If I'm at a ball game and there are just hundreds and hundreds of them...it bothers me!" Margie Wilson, says.

Wilson says she also sees a few of them in her home.

"I feel kinda sorry for them, everybody steps on them, I don't like to step on them and they're not bad."

Art Harmon with Results Pest Solutions, says, "Everybody gets concerned about crickets this time of the year because this is the time of year when crickets mate."

He says the cricket population depends on the weather throughout the year.

"If we have a moist year where the ground is soft and they can come up, then we have a higher population. And we did have a wetter spring and early summer this year so I expect the cricket population to be fairly high."

Harmon says right now, they are dealing with "black field crickets."

"They have an odor to them, if you took one of them and smelled of it, especially if you mashed it, they do have an offensive odor. But if you have a pile of them or a large concentration of them, then they really become offensive."

He says you can instantly get rid of crickets by stopping at a hardware store or calling an exterminator.

"The general use is insecticides, some granular materials, some liquids that can be applied to the outside perimeter of the building or to the lawn and adjacent lawn area."

Wilson says she and her husband already do that at home.

"My husband sprays on the outside of the house and on the inside and it worked perfectly and we don't have them, we're not bothered with them."

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