Curbside recycling begins in Denison

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DENISON, TEXAS -- These 95 gallon carts lined Denison streets Monday for the city's first curbside recycling day.

"So far things are going well. Participation is high," Ted Sanderson with Progressive Waste Solutions said.

"70 plus percent of our citizens support recycling," Mayor Pro Tem Matt Hanley said.

Hanley says a city survey revealed that a majority of residents support a recycling program.

He says the bi-weekly pick-up should even save the city money.

"That's the important part is the full cost is almost $3 per household, but we're able to defer that because we're going to see a reduction in the amount of trash we have to put in the landfill," Hanley said.

Hanley says it's more cost effective for residents to recycle rather than continue to send garbage to landfills.

"It's important to reuse the resources that we have and not just bury it in the ground," Sanderson said.

Hanley says if more residents recycle, the recycling fee might go down to $2 per household per month.

"Not only is it something that will provide a cost savings, but it's also the right thing to do," Hanley said.

Denison residents are among the last in Grayson County to wheel their recycling bins out to the curb.

Other local communities like Pottsboro, Whitesboro, Collinsville and Sherman have been recycling for years and now Denison's joining them.

"I'm glad that they're finally getting on board with it," Sanderson said.

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