DEQ investigating local marina for pumping sewage into Lake Texoma

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KINGSTON, OK -- Soldier Creek Resort & Marina is under investigation by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality following complaints that they are pumping sewage into Lake Texoma.

And the DEQ says this isn't the first time they've investigated the Marina for illegally pumping sewage.

Judd Fisher, a concerned resident, said he's caught Soldier Creek Marina in the act several times, pumping sewage water into Lake Texoma.

"It's just got to stop. We've got kids that swim in here, many of my friends own boats in this cove, I fish in this cove," he said.

Fisher called the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality out several times in the past year. But he said it wasn't until just a few weeks ago that a DEQ agent caught them with the pumps running.

"He actually busted them in the activity of doing this, and had them remove the pumps and the hoses," Fisher said.

The DEQ sent Fisher a letter dated December 2, stating they've opened an investigation.

DEQ Public Information Officer Skylar McElhaney said this incident is not the first time they've caught Solider Creek illegally pumping sewage.

"We have an unfortunately history with Soldier Creek Resort and Marina, and it goes back several years. And the issue that this complaint involves is pumping sewage," she said.

They've given the Marina an order to address the issues within 30 days. McElhaney said she can't comment further since it's an active investigation.

"We are evaluating our options under that order," she said.

Fisher said most of the Marina's out of town patrons don't realize it's going on. But locals are staying away from the resort.

"We've ceased getting in the Lake in this area. We go across the lake to get in the water because of how nasty it is. We don't want to be in this water," he said.

News 12 spoke to someone claiming to be the owner of Soldier Creek Marina. She denied any wrong doing and said they are unaware of any illegal sewage pumping.

She declined to comment further.

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