DISD responds to questions on Munson Stadium construction

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DENISON, TX -- DISD responds to questions on whether or not Munson Stadium will be complete in time for the start of the football season.

Kickoff is just days away for the Yellowjackets at Munson Stadium.

Construction has lasted several months, but officials from Plyler Construction say the clock's winding down.

"Goal posts are going in. Bleachers are doing their final touches," said Keith Citty.

The six million dollar project, funded with district and community dollars, got underway after last year's season ended.

Project Manager Keith Citty says they're cutting it close to deadline because of some setbacks.

"It's been a major undertaking to get to where we are now, at this time, because of all the rain. It's been crazy," said Citty.

Citty says the press box, the concession stand, the field house are complete.

They just have some of the field and surrounding area to clean up.

Citty says this was a huge project and they're grateful for the team effort.

"It's been a community push; a community effort, and we're getting it done," said Citty.

DISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott says he's confident everything will be ready when the whistle blows.

"We're going to have a football game there, not only Friday night, but we've got a 9th grade game scheduled there Thursday night," said Scott.

Scott says they've already sold 2,000 reserve tickets, have 35 people on the waiting list and they expect more to sign up.

"People are excited for the opportunity to come to that stadium, see that stadium. It's a great thing for Denison and we're looking forward to it," said Scott.

Crews will continue to do small touch-ups, like placing the engraved bricks around the fountain after Friday's opening and game.

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