DNA evidence revealed to jury on Day 4 of Gray murder trial

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX -- DNA evidence in the trial of a man charged with murder is shown to the jury Thursday.

Day 4 in the murder trial of Robert Gray Jr wrapped up with expert DNA analysis and an emotional family testimony.

Gray is charged in the murder of his girlfriend's 15-year old autistic son, Brandon White, who was killed in January of last year.

Today, Brandon's Aunt Leann Williams testified that Gray viewed Brandon as a hindrance and wanted to send him away so Gray and Brandon's mother Holly could quote: "...be a real family."

A family psychiatrist testified that Brandon's family told him they couldn't afford medication for Brandon's conditions and he warned them that an uncontrolled environment might lead to severe seizures.

Assistant District Attorney Britton Brooks says it's clear Gray wanted nothing to do with his girlfriend's disabled son and ultimately killed him.

"I think the jury is getting a very good impression of the defendant; his state of mind, and what he was thinking and trying to do after the scene," said Brooks.

Several pieces of evidence with blood-like stains were collected at the scene.

DNA experts testified today that nearly every piece of evidence had both Brandon's and Gray's blood on them.