DOAV opens new cat shelter

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MURRAY COUNTY, OK -- Stray cats in Murray County now have a place to go thanks to a group of volunteers.
After years of fundraising, the doors to the DOAV Cat Shelter
are finally open.

"Finally getting this open, it's such a resource. So that we can save the animals, make them healthier, and then also control as much as we can the over-population. The spay and neuter clinics do a lot," said Aimee Hughes with Davis oklahoma animal volunteers.
Hughes says the organization opened this shelter, specifically for cats, about a month ago and it's already nearly full.

"They don't have an actual cat shelter in the area, so that was one of our biggest focuses, to get the cat shelter renovated and opened, so that people in Murray County have a place to take strays and kittens and unwanted animals," said Hughes.

"And that's why we offer the spay and neuter clinics to families that earn $40,000 or less. We do try to help with the situation as much as we can," said president of the DOAV, Audrey Ridlehoover.
She says they've done countless fundraisers over the past couple years and are thankful for all the donations from community members.

"We couldn't do it without everybody's support," said Ridlehoover.

It's $40 to adopt one of these furry friends, which includes spay and neuter and vaccine fees.

"One of the things we need is to have people be aware that we have a cat shelter and to pass the word, spread the word, and come out and look at the animals for adoption," said Hughes.

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