Davis man convicted of attempted livestock theft arrested for arson

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GARVIN COUNTY, OK - An elderly man was arrested in Garvin County for intentionally setting fire to a neighbor's pasture, but it is not his first run-in with the law or the neighbor.

77-year-old Jimmy Jeter was arrested in February by Murray County deputies after they said they caught him sexually assaulting a pig.

He will face a jury when he is tried for a detestable crime against nature Aug. 6, but first, he will have to bond out of the Garvin County jail where he has been since June 28 when his neighbor's pasture went up in flames.

It is the fifth suspicious fire on the property since May.

"The deputy that responded met with the property owner of Dulaney Farms and he observed a subject that he recognized as Jimmy Jeter driving by his property just prior to a fire," Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes said.

Rhodes said Jeter has a beef with his neighbor, Robert Dulaney.

Jeter was convicted of trying to steal livestock from Dulaney Farms in 2008 and the sheriff said Jeter's had it out for Dulaney ever since.

"My understanding is the manager of Dulaney was a witness against Mr. Jeter in the past for some life stock thefts," Rhodes said.

Rhodes said Jeter claims he didn't do it this time, saying he was at a convenience store at the time of the June 28 fire.

"Investigation revealed though the surveillance tapes at the convenience store that in fact, Mr. Jeter was not at the convenience store and did not walk into the convenience store until after the time of the fire," Rhodes said.

Jeter was booked into the Garvin County jail and is charged with third degree arson.

He is being held on a $20,000 bond.

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