Day 3 of Ricky Trent Stanley's Trial

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GRAYSON CO., TX - Testimony and tears in the courtroom Wednesday during Day 3 of Ricky Trent Stanley's trial.

"More officers testified. Some were very emotional and touched about what happened that night so it was a tough thing for the jury to sit through," says Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown.

The jury viewed graphic images of the injuries Deputy Chad key sustained in the collision that killed him on April 20th, 2013.

"They heard from the medical examiner with some tough testimonies of the injuries that were received," says Brown.

A lacerated aorta, two collapsed lungs, cracked ribs, and a compound leg fracture were among the injuries presented to the Jury.

Two of Stanley's friends provided more insight into the night of the accident, testifying they were with him at a crawfish boil in Ivanhoe, just hours before Deputy Key's death.
One of them told the jury he believes Stanley had at least 5 beers that night.

Jurors also viewed more dash cam footage, one video from the arresting officer's unit shows Stanley moments after he heard of Deputy Key's death.

In the video, Stanley cries, saying "I don't understand. I slowed down and moved over. Why was he in the middle of the road?"

Brown says, "well people under the effect of alcohol their emotions go up and down he was crying at some points and sleeping at others all that points to being under the influence of alcohol."

Another dash cam video from a trooper's vehicle shows what he says is Stanley failing multiple field sobriety tests.

Brown anticipates the results of Stanley's blood alcohol test will be released Thursday and the prosecution will finish its case, "We will probably rest tomorrow early in the morning...and then we'll be in the defense's case."

Brown says he hopes this trial wraps up by the end of the week, but if it doesn't, they may go into Saturday.