Ardmore residents concerned after dead fish surface in a pond

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ARDMORE, OK -- "It just makes me sick to see this, it does. Ardmore is a pretty town anyway, and I don't like to see this messed up."

Long-time Ardmore resident, Patsy Chambers, says she was upset when she noticed Wednesday all the fish floating to the top of the pond off of Sunset Road.

"As I looked out the window, I kept watching it and it was just more popping up"

Chambers works at a home that overlooks the pond and says she's never seen this happen before.

"it has to be poison, or it has to be the way the world turns, or something, I don't know. It's weird."

Agriculture educator for the Carter County OSU extension, Leland McDaniel, says he gets calls about this happening quite often this time of year.

"Oftentimes, people think that the pond's been poisoned, but that's usually never the case. Its just simply an oxygen deprivation."

McDaniel says experts call this a "fish kill" and it's normally a certain type of pond it happens in...

"Particularly in small ponds, shallow ponds that are surrounded by trees where we get a lot of organic matter, leaf drop into that pond...And ponds that are protected from the wind."

Senior Wildlife and Fisheries Consultant, Mike Porter, from the Noble Foundation agrees oxygen likely caused the kill.

"Other than ponds drying up, the most common cause of "fish kills" is low dissolved oxygen. And low dissolved oxygen is most commonly caused by either excessive nutrients in the pond causing excessive phytoplankton, or it's caused by excessive organic material decomposition."

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