2 dead in Bryan County shooting

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- What authorities say started as a domestic assault in Bennington, ended with two people shot and killed this afternoon.

The alleged shooter will be arrested on a separate drug charge tonight, but more charges are expected to be filed.

Authorities say the shooting started out as an argument and an assault. Then other family members got involved and ultimately killed.

This was the scene all afternoon while Bryan County Sheriff's deputies and OSBI agents worked to piece together what happened at this home off Highway 70, just East of Bennington.

"Earlier today, there was an altercation here between a family member and the boyfriend of the lady that lives here," said Sheriff Ken Golden.

Sheriff Golden says a woman was assaulted by her mother's boyfriend. The woman left to tell her teenage son, her father and a family friend about the assault. Authorities say the three men went to the home to confront the boyfriend.

"When they arrived at the house, we understand that the male, the suspect in the house had went ahead and got a firearm and when they came to the door he opened fire on them," Golden said.

Golden says the boyfriend shot at the three men with a .22 caliber semi automatic pistol. The woman's father and his friend were hit. One man died at the scene. The other man was taken to a local hospital where he later died. Their names are not being released.

The teenager was not injured.