Investigation begins into deadly Madill plant explosion

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MADILL, OK -- A deadly explosion Monday near Madill is being investigated, while community members try to get over the shock of the tragedy.

"Just frightened and scared and"

Debra Garrett says after hearing about the explosion at the Mid American Steel & Wire plant Monday afternoon, she immediately began to fear for her sons safety.

"I was at home, both my sons work there, one in the morning, one in the evening."

She says she was able to reach one of the brothers, who let her know they were both okay, but were unsure about their co-workers.

"They said that one other foreman's sons was in the explosion and that's all he knew at that time."

Marshall County Sheriff Ed Kent says, "While in there they discovered two deceased people it was reported to them that another had been taken by employees to Marshall Memorial Hospital."

Kent says the man injured was treated and released from the hospital.

The names of the two men killed, are not yet being released.

"One of the gentleman, I understand, is a local. He's from Madill and the other one is from Durant."

He says the explosion is known as a bleve which stands for boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion.

We're told a furnace exploded Monday due to gas build-up, now state and local authorities are looking into how it happened.

"OSHA is here with the fire marshall. We have a couple deputies there with them to assist however we can in the investigation."

Kent says the tragic incident has shaken the community.

"This is one of the first factory deaths that I know of in Marshall County."

Garrett says, her sons will be approaching work differently after Monday.

"It did, it scared them both."