Denison City Council approves Vision 2020

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DENISON, TX -- Monday night, the Denison City Council approved the Vision 2020 plan for the city.

The City of Denison is looking toward the future.

"We want a place where the community can come all year around and feel at home," said Main Street Director, Donna Dow.

City Council approved the adoption of Vision 2020 for downtown Denison.

"We took input and spent quite a bit of time working through that and we've developed what we feel like will be the top 10 priorities for the downtown through 2020," Dow said.

Dow says streetscape, managing resources, and commercial occupancy are their three most important goals.

"Filling the buildings, you know we just have to work really hard to increase the occupancy downtown and help develop the businesses that already exist to being long-lasting," Dow said.

William Myers, Vice President of the Denison Development Alliance, says they've already planned to meet with realtors and developers to come up with strategies to encourage more businesses to locate downtown.

"The community has begun to bounce back," Myers said. "You've seen the commercial activity and the commercial development. We want to use this visioning statement to bring downtown to the next stage and bring the community together."

Dow says funding for the project will come through the Main Street budget and grants.

A public presentation of Vision 2020 will be held later in August.

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