Denison Fire Department updates communication center

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DENISON,TX---The Denison Fire Department has new technology and resources that will help them better respond during emergency situations.

"It sits there all day, it's self-contained, it's self powered, computers, printers, everything you want right at your finger tips." said Bill Ray.

This is Denison Fire Department's new communication center.

"Today we're going through the training, it's actually more of just an awareness of how everything works." said Ray.

Assistant chief Bill Ray says they've had the trailer for months but have been adding the final touches, like these monitors and computers, radios, scanners and various communication equipment and they're already putting it to good use.

First responders used this mapping technology in the recent search for Enoch Dixon, who disappeared from his Pottsboro home on Valentines Day.

Ray says they monitored search areas then relayed the information to crews in the field. Dixon's body was found 12 days after he went missing.

Battalion Chief Bruce Geilhausen says the command center will be used not only for searches but for any large scale emergency in Grayson, Fannin and Cooke Counties.

"We have technology as far as computers, computer access, internet access." said Ray.

It will also be used for lower-tech operations, like providing firefighters a break from the heat as they battle grass fires.

"It has air conditioning out there, when you're out in the hot, when you're in 100 degrees heat, you're out there for a couple hours, you need to start rotating the crew, it's nice to have." said Geilhausen. "

"The more we use it the more we'll find different uses for it, and be able to use it more; the more comfortable with and we know how easy it is to set up." said Geilhausen.

Ray says the new center will be a vital tool for the department and residents of the tri-county area moving forward.

"Any tool you can add to the arsenal to the fire department is gonna excel us you know and enable us to save more lives, enable us to do our job more effectively and efficiently." said Ray.

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