Denison Fire Dept. investigating suspicious fire at local business

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DENISON, TX -- The Denison Fire Department is investigating a suspicious fire at a local business early Tuesday morning.

Denison Assistant Fire Chief, Bill Ray, says the fire broke out just before 5 A.M. at Visionary Industrial Installation on West Johnson Street.

Ray says they are investigating it as suspicious.

"Our crews responded and they found the building with the door partially open and smoke was coming out of the building," Ray said.

He says the fire was contained to the business's warehouse and the building's sprinkler system had already been activated.

"It actually saved the building itself," Ray said. "You would have a little water on the floor but there wasn't a lot of damage to the product. They were able to get back in and start working at noon because they had a sprinkler system."

Dan Plaskett, Visionary Vice President, says they have about $10,000 to $15,000 in damage but fortunately their products are made to endure fires.

"It's insulation," Plaskett said. "It's designed for fire resistance and so on and so forth but the materials they're packed in can catch on fire. There is nothing really to feed the fire."

Plaskett says since officials don't know what or who may have started the fire, they will be beefing up security to prevent arsonists from striking again.

"We do believe it is a suspicious nature so we are installing a security system and cameras and that sort of thing," Plaskett said.

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