Denison ISD School Board approves rezoning plan

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DENISON, TX --Tuesday night Denison's school board unanimously approved a rezoning plan, meaning dozens of students will be going to a different school in the fall.

About 250 students will be affected by the rezoning including the kids who attend Golden Rule, which is closing at the end of this school year. Because of that and the closure of Layne Elementary in 2012 the district had to redraw the boundaries.

Angie Turner and all three of her children went to Layne Elementary.
The family says they remember all too well when its doors closed two years ago.

"It was sad to see it close because it was such a landmark in that little area," Angie Turner said.

"Kind of hard to make that transition. It was just really weird seeing the whole classroom in boxes," Charlie Holder said.

Turner's son Charlie says it was just one chapter ending and another beginning. He transferred to Mayes Elementary the following year and says he soon realized there were benefits to his new campus.

"I don't have to cross the street to go to lunch anymore," Holder said.

With a vote at Tuesday night's school board meeting the rezoning plans were finalized.

"We closed Layne two years ago. Now we're closing Golden Rule, we have no choice but to rezone and put those students in neighborhood schools," Dr. Scott said.

Now, what used to be seven schools will be consolidated into five. Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott says about 85 students will have to move to another campus, that number does not include the 155 students at Golden Rule.

"I have 54 students that it will affect," Hicks said.

Mayes Principle Natalie Hicks says most of the Mayes students will be transferring to Hyde Park. She says it is hard to let go of the students and parents, but says she wants what is best for the future of the kids.

"I'm going to miss them, but I also know that the district's doing what's best, you know, for class size numbers and we want what's best for the students" Hicks said.

"When things change its scary, but you know just learning the new routine and the kids are resilient and they'll do fine," Turner said.

Dr. Scott adds that the teachers and staff at Golden Rule will not be laid off, that they will also be moved to other campuses.

DISD has posted the redrawn districts on their website. To view the map visit the link below.