Denison ISD School Board discusses important issues at meeting

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DENISON, TX -- The board voted to seek a waiver for bad weather days this winter, while also formally approving a donation of school property, and the renaming of a middle school.

Tuesday evening, the Denison ISD board approved a number of measures.

The board formally voted to donate the Golden Rule Elementary gym and school property to the Denison Boys and Girls Club.

"It will help our students as well as students in the future so I think it's a win win situation for the school district, the community, and the Boys and Girls Club," said Superintendent, Dr. Henry Scott.

Scott says the school board will donate the property after the school closes this year.

The board voted to submit a waiver to the Texas Education Agency, for the school days missed due to the bad winter weather.

"We're not gonna take a chance on having someone get injured simply to have school on that particular day, so there were seven days that we feel we could not safely get the buses over the city and rural roads," Scott said.

Scott says two make up days have already been built into the school calendar, and the waiver request will now be sent to the TEA for the other five days that were missed.

While they await a decision on the waiver... Exciting times are ahead for next year's 7th and 8th graders, who will attend the old high school building, which is being renamed Henry Scott middle school, after the superintendent himself...

"People like to work here and people like to go to school here, and Denison has a excellent reputation, and it's built around what Dr. Scott has done," said Assistant Superintendent, Dr. George Hatfield.

And Scott says he is overwhelmed and honored.

"I've always felt supported by the school board and teachers, and I appreciate that and don't take that for granted," Scott said.

Scott has been with Denison ISD for over 50 years.

The two make up days students will go to school are set for April 18th and June 6th.

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