Denison Police Department gets new K-9 unit

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DENISON,TX---A new four-legged officer is joining the ranks of the police department, and he means business.

The Denison Police Department has a new member: officer Ivar.

"He's very timid, and loves to be petted, but when it's time to work, he's all business." said Lt. Mike Eppler.

He's been training over the past four weeks, and was introduced to the public Friday morning.

"It's just a big boost, it's a big boost to morale, it's a big boost to the pride in the department and in the community." said Eppler.

His partner William Deering says having Ivar on patrol will help out a great deal, especially in hairy situations.

"I can have him go around cars, and we can see if narcotics are in there, he can even go in houses and search for narcotics." said Deering.

But that's not all he can sniff out.

"He can also track people, let's say if we have a fugitive run, he can pick up a track and track them to try and find their location." said Deering.

"I'm so excited, I can't wait to see him in action." said Paula Gurak.

It's been twelve years since the department has had the funds to pay for a k-9 unit.

Paula Gurak from the Citizen police academy alumni association helped raise about 23,000 dollars to pay for Ivar.

"We were pretty excited when all of the sudden we were able to go to the police department and say funds are here, ball's in your court."

Deering says the community is excited about their new four-legged officer.

"When I get the dog out of the car, just for a break for him to be out of the car, the community's excited, everybody asks about him, they wanna know about the dog." said Deering.

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