Denison Police arrest one in marijuana mail bust

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DENISON, TX - Denison Police arrested one person in a marijuana bust Wednesday, but it wasn't your typical drug bust.

A Denison resident was allegedly purchasing drugs via mail. Denison police got notification of a possible marijuana delivery Wednesday from the U.S. Postal Service.

We're told postal inspectors believed a package addressed to a house in the 900th block of Coffin Street was suspicious.

Once the delivery was in possession of the resident, Denison police seized one pound of alleged marijuana, and arrested the recipient --who's name they are not releasing at this time.

They tell News 12 the package was sent from a state where medicinal marijuana is legal.

We asked Sgt. Paul Neumann if he thinks drugs are being sent by mail more often now, "As more states legalize marijuana, I hesitate to say it looks like it's going to be a bigger problem," he told News 12.

He also says they seized an undetermined amount of cash, and a 2007 ford pickup. He says the person taken into custody will be charged with possession of marijuana over 4 ounces in a drug free zone, which is a felony.

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