Denison Police investigate death of 3-year-old girl

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DENISON, TX -- Denison Police are investigating the suspicious death of a child, who died in the hospital last week.

Police say EMS transported the 3-year-old girl to TMC last Wednesday. Medical officials then flew her to Dallas Children's hospital because of her injuries.

She died Thursday evening.

Doctors alerted police when the girl arrived at the hospital. EMS picked her up from 67A Mundt Street in Denison.

Police Lt. Mike Eppler said the girl's injuries were inconsistent with the family's explanation. They labeled the death as suspicious.

"Everything's still under investigation at this point, we're gathering the information, talking to people, gathering information from medical facilities, and we're just in the process of getting all the information together," he said.

Police named multiple persons of interest in the case, but they aren't releasing names.

"We're still waiting on autopsy results from the Dallas County medical examiner's office," Eppler said.

Eppler expects to have preliminary autopsy results back in a few days.

Neighbors told us they don't know the residents at that address. They said they moved in about a year and a half ago, but kept to themselves.

Eppler said the case is still unfolding.

"It's still under investigation, so I really can't release anything on it at this point," he said.

Police haven't made arrests in the case.