Yellow Jacket benches arrive in Denison

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DENISON, TX -- Some one of a kind benches, all made for a good cause, arrived in Denison today.

Donors received their yellow jacket benches Wednesday. The benches are made of leftover lumber from Yellow Jacket Boats, a local boat maker in the 1950's.

The benches were sold to local business leaders for $2,000 in an effort to raise money for the Munson Stadium renovation project. They each have a dashboard tag from one of the original boats. Organizers say they sold out in one day.

"And as a result of that we've had a lot of other people buy bricks and make other donations. So, we're pretty close to our goal, not close but we're getting closer to our goal of $4.9 million and of course all that money gonna be used for the renovation of the stadium."

The benches brought in $24,000.

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